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1 guide / 2 persons / boat
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Non-refundable deposit
A deposit of 200 $ per person is required upon confirmation of booking, payable by mail, by check or traveller's check.
The balance of the invoice must be paid upon arrival in cash or traveler's check.

Check your choice of package
Fishing 3 days - $420/pers.
Fishing 4 days - $546/pers.
Fishing 5 days - $650/pers.
Fishing 6 days - $756/pers.
Fishing 7 days - $840/pers.
Family package July 1st to the end of the season 5 days / 799$.
Family package July 1st to the end of the season 7 / 1099$.
Bear Hunt & Fishing 4 days - $1050/pers.
Bear Hunt & Fishing 7 days - $1450/pers.
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- Taxes not included
- Free for children ybder 13
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