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Could not have said anything more true than that statement. above Great people,Great time. Fantastic ride to the Baie.
Frank Motta

So where can you go with 8 guys and have great accommodation,great service,great boats with reliable motors and catch over 300 walleye in 3 days! A lot of catch and release and a stringer made up of an average of 2lbs+ provides and excellent dinner treat. Baie Du Nord is the ideal fisherman's camp with access to some of the best fishing in the Gouin. If you are after Pike make sure you hold on to your rod as these cold water northern's are hungry,strike viciously and many times cut your line in the process. Jason and Diane do their best to accommodate planning with whatever assistance they can provide.Jason is a great host at the camp and Pete takes care of the details on a day to day basis.If you are lucky, invite Pete over to your camp in the evening for some great guitar playing and a song book that will appeal to young and old.Baie Du Nord's rock and roll god! Consistently each year it seems to get better and better and our group is already booking next years event.Memories are made at Baie Du Nord.
Brian Matthey

We had 5 pikes over 10 lbs, one 17 lbs ans 42" (...) Caught well over our limit of walleye. We had a blast well taken car of. Will come back for sure.
Brian and Kevin

Outstanding walleye and pike fishing (...) I have been coming for ten years and fish new spots every year in this immense habitat. Simply an axcellent fishing experience that I would recommend to anayone.
John Lean

First time at "fish camp". Great place to get off the grid and relax with old friends. Gilles is a phenomenal host and did an excellent job in all respects ! Look forward to another trip.
M. Timmins, Rochester, NY

Baie du Nord was a great experience. Awesome accomodations, great fishing , and wonderful company. We were treated like we owned the place. Highly recomended.
Chris Grange, Rockland County, NY

Cabins,fishing and staff awesome ! Our best trip to the Gouin !
Frank Alessandrino ( Highland Mills, New York )

I had a great time. Caught a lot of fish and enjoyed the company of the caretaker.
- Marc
The caretaker does a wonderful job running the camp.
- Timothy P. Smith (Orange, Connecticut)

We had a great time again this past year, and hope to again in 2010. Next year will be eight years in a row.
- Col. Dave Baczewski (Westford V.T.)

The team of Jim, Joe, Jeff and Ralph again thank you for your support this year (2009)